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Manage your Twilio numbers without coding or TwiML Bins

What Is Eazylio ?

Eazylio is a web application that allows you to use and manage your Twilio numbers with ease, focusing on key calling and tracking functions needed for your business.

In this video, we show you a quick tour of the app, how you can use it for free. Your Twilio Studio and TwiML Bins nightmare is now over!

Twilio was intimidating to use.
Not anymore.

Twilio was intimidating to use.
Not anymore.

How we make it easy:

Make and receive calls from your Twilio numbers on browser or mobile

Quick and hassle-free

Supports conference calling and live transfers

No coding involved

Use your Twilio numbers to send and receive SMS

Keep track of all your messages

Text from anywhere

No coding involved

Enjoy all of Eazylio's other settings

Manage call and SMS routing

Record call option

Whisper messages for callers and receivers

SMS notification of incoming calls and messages

Block spam numbers

No coding involved

Download Eazylio Desktop and Mobile App

1. Access Eazylio from Chrome browser​

2. Click on “Install Eazylio” in the navigation bar on Desktop or in Settings on Mobile​

3. Enjoy using native app on your device​

Who is Eazylio for?

Lead Generators and Marketing Professionals

Take control over your campaigns by keeping an eye on every call and text, all at competitive rates.

Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Manage incoming calls, streamline appointment bookings, and oversee receptionist performance all in one place. Stay on top of daily business interactions and ensure your team provides top-notch service every time.

Customer Support Teams

Enhance your customer relations by managing and routing calls effectively. Eazylio ensures calls will be routed to the free agent and address queries swiftly, reducing wait times and boosting customer satisfaction.

Setup, easy as 1, 2, 3!

Get your Twilio Credentials from Twilio.

Save your Twilio credentials in Eazylio Settings.

Configure your Twilio number settings.

What our users say:

"I used to use CallRail, and I was paying big bucks for features I wasn't using. As a small business, every penny matters. Eazylio has allowed me to use Twilio and to manage my calls affordably and do live transfers without the tech headaches."
Kiran P.​
Rank and Rent Lead Generator
"Before Eazylio, managing our 50+ local Twilio numbers was a headache. Now it's streamlined and efficient, and the support team is quick to respond. Highly recommended for real estate agents doing cold calling who want to level up their communication game."
Miguel R.
Real Estate Outreach Specialist
"Eazylio has transformed the way we handle our campaigns. The integration with Twilio is seamless, and the no-code aspect means our team can focus on strategy without the pain of paying extra for other providers. A game-changer for our business!"
Sarah B.
Digital Marketing Manager




/ Month

Enjoy lifetime access with limitations.



/ Month

Enjoy the full power of Eazylio.



Enjoy a custom solution for your needs.

Eazylio vs Others

                         Eazylio                        CallRail                      CallTrackingMetrics JustCall                     CloudTalk                 
Starting Price:
$15.00 /Month
$45.00 /Month
$39.00 /Month
$29.00 /Month
$25.00 /Month
Pricing Model:
Flat Rate + Usage
Flat Rate + Usage
Flat Rate + Usage
Per User + Usage
Per User + Usage
150+ Countries
US, Canada, UK, Australia
80+ Countries
70+ Countries
60+ Countries
Average Cost of Extra US Number:
$1.15 /Month
$3.00 /Month
$2.50 /Month
$6.00 /Month
$6.00 /Month
Average Cost of US Calling Minute:
Average Cost of US Message:

* All amounts are estimates based on information available online.

* All amounts are estimates based on information available online.

Hi, we’re Amr and Asli, founders of Eazylio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eazylio was born out of our personal need for our lead generation company. We wanted to harness the power and affordability of Twilio without diving deep into the complexities of coding. With Eazylio, you get the full capabilities of Twilio, no coding required.

Certainly! Sign up for a free account without entering any card details. This gives you lifetime access with some limitations, such as a cap on calls and messages each month. When you’re ready to unlock the complete suite of features, you can easily upgrade to a premium subscription.

With a standard Eazylio account, you can manage all the numbers associated with one Twilio account. If you have over 30 Twilio numbers, you’ll be charged extra for every additional set of 10 numbers. For more details or assistance, our support team is always here to help.

Yes, you will need to set up a separate Twilio account. Setting it up is straightforward on twilio.com. If you encounter any hurdles or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Yes, absolutely, Eazylio was designed with that in mind.

There are two ways to do a live transfer:

1- you can initiate multiple “Mobile” calls through the Dialer (to a business owner and then to a lead, for example), and then join the calls together on your phone, or

2- you can start a “Browser” call through the “Dialer” to the first number you want to call, convert the call to a “Conference”, then add the second number (or more) to the call. In a Conference, you’ll be able to put each of the participants on Hold or on Mute, or drop them from the Conference.

Yes, absolutely! Join our Affiliate program here: eazylio.tolt.io. Terms of the Affiliate program can be found here.